d|v: IT and Technology Services

IT Security, Incident Response, and Architecture Consulting

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Training and coaching of IT staff and non-technical users
  • Network monitoring and intrusion detection and prevention
  • IT security policy review
  • Data loss prevention and remediation
  • Incident response and brand protection
  • Service provider review
  • Managing vendor relationships and advocacy

The amazing transformation we’re seeing in information technology and computing are relentless and often unforgiving. As our communication and computing paradigms change, there are many opportunities to compliment your strengths with the right technology at the right time.

We can often leverage under-utilized resources you already have to create bespoke solutions that tailor technology to your needs.


When performing security assessments, we use (and highly recommend) the practices maintained by the SANS institute. They have generously created a framework with participation from the Information Security community.